Online Tag Renewal

You can save time and avoid lines by renewing your tag online at etowahproperty.assurancegov.com.


All license plates, except vintage vehicles, will remain with owner instead of remaining with the vehicle. Vehicle registration must be carried in the vehicle to prove that the license plate is on the proper vehicle, along with proof of insurance. Once the vehicle is registered in your name it is necessary to renew the registration each year according to the vehicle renewal schedule. Be sure to read and understand the penalty schedule.

Handicap Tags

In order to receive a handicap tag, you must be approved by a doctor and meet all requirements. In addition, you must fill out a Handicap Tag Application


Vehicles that are model year 1976 and older are required a bill of sale containing the cost of the vehicle and the date of sale, a full description of the vehicle, the complete name and address of the new owner, trade in allowance, if any, and a breakdown of the sales tax paid. The vehicle must me be currently insured. New owners of vehicles 1977 and newer must have one of the following:

  • an original title from the seller (new owner must be present)
  • manufacturers certificate of origin (new owner must be present)
  • Title in new owner’s name
  • Title application completely filled out to the new owner

In addition, the vehicle must be currently insured and inspection of the VIN # is required if we apply for the first Alabama title (vehicle must be present). Other factors include a bill of sale, an out of state exemption certificate, and if the vehicle has an Alabama license plate. We have a simple Bill of Sale for you to download, if needed.

The fee for new and transfer titles is $18.

If you lost your title, you may fill out a Title Replacement Form . It must be submitted with a $15 fee.