We are proud of the fact that we are able to furnish reliable, reasonably priced transportation for our county citizens with disabilities that restrict mobility. The lifts and wheelchair securement systems designed for our vehicles are easy to operate and make transporting passengers a very simple matter. All vehicles are equipped with grab rails, and 8-10 inch steps which are well-lighted and striped. Most lifts are 30” wide. The lifts are designed to support a total of 600 pounds. If you have a special type of wheelchair, which will require a lift wider than 30”, please advise our scheduler when you set up your trip. When scheduling a ride, give 24 hours notice, inform us of your special needs, and we will be happy to send the proper vehicle to accommodate your needs.

The driver is able to assist with normal boarding and de-boarding. If further assistance is needed, be prepared to have someone accompany you. There is no charge for one assistant to ride.

Our transit agency requires that all mobility devices be secured when being transported and have working brakes for the safety of all passengers. The definition of a common wheelchair is a mobility device with 3 or 4 wheels that does not exceed 30 inches in width and 48 inches in length and does not weigh more than 600 lbs when occupied.

The device may be operated manually or powered. If your mobility devices do not meet the above requirements, due to safety concerns we will request that these items be brought up to standards to eliminate safety hazards.