The major areas of responsibilities of the
Commission are as follows:

  • Administer the County’s finances
  • Serve as custodians of all County property
  • Collect taxes as required by state law
  • To promote Tourism and Industrial Development within Etowah County
  • To oversee the construction and maintenance of County roads and bridges
  • Provide funding for the following county elected officials, departments,
    and functions:

    • Sheriff’s Department
    • County Detention Center
    • Probate Judge’s Office
    • Revenue Commissioner’s Office
    • County road and bridge construction/maintenance
    • All elections except for city elections
    • Juvenile Probation & Detention
    • Coroner
    • Constable
    • Tourism
  • The Commission also provides matching funds for the following Federal and
    State grant programs:

    • Sheriff’s Drug Task Force Program
    • Sheriff’s COP Grant
    • Rural Transportation
    • Senior Nutrition
    • Retired Senior Volunteer Program
    • DARE Program
  • The County also is required to provide space and partial funding for the
    following state offices:

    • Circuit and District Judges
    • District Attorney’s Office
    • Veteran’s Administration
    • Board of Registrars
    • Board of Equalization
    • Etowah County Board of Education
    • Auburn Extension Service
    • Emergency Management