All Property (Ad Valorum) taxes are taxes due on real and/or business personal property. Taxes are due each year on October 1st and are delinquent on January 1st. Tax notices are mailed out in October of each year as a courtesy. Payments may be made online or the Etowah County Courthouse,Rm 005.

Deadline To Pay Property Taxes By Check

 All real property tax must be paid by cash, money order, cashiers check or credit card.

 No personal checks.

 We are sorry for the inconvenience but it must be done to clear everything for the Tax Sale – May 20, 2014.

 Delinquent Property will be advertised in the Gadsden Times Newspaper the following dates:

 April 20, 2014, April 27, 2014

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Delinquent Real Property

This is the listing of Delinquent Real Property as of: April 14, 2014 

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Delinquent Business Personal Property

This is the listing of Delinquent Business Personal Property as of: April 14, 2014 

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Manufactured Home Decal Renewals

 Manufactured home decals are due October 1, 2013. You have till the end of November to renew.

 You may pay online at:

 You may mail your payment to :

 800 Forrest Avenue, Room 5, Gadsden, Alabama 35901

 If you have any questions please call: 256-549-5328 or 256-439-6002


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Application For Purchase Of-land Sold For Delinquent TaxesDownload application_for_purchase_of-land_sold_for_delinquent_taxes.pdf

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